Domino’s Self-Driving Pizza Delivery Robot From Nuro Rolls Out in Houston—How Does It Work?

Domino’s Pizza is going autonomous with Nuro’s Robot for its deliveries. It got ahead of Tesla in releasing?

Isaiah Alonzo

, Tech Times

12 April 2021, 07:04 pm

(Photo : Domino’s Pizza)

Domino’s Pizza and Nuro Robotics have released the first self-driving pizza delivery robot to bring its goods to customers. This robot has gone through an actual road test of its capabilities, features, and functions. It is a fully autonomous technology from Nuro, which goes around at one’s location and requires a pin to enter before opening and bringing the goods.

Science fiction films have officially taken one step further into reality as Domino’s Pizza and Nuro Robotics brought one of the most awaited technologies initially only seen on television to the real world. The self-driving pizza delivery robot was first seen in Houston, Texas, rolling around and bringing the company’s products to those placing an order from Domino’s.

The innovative way of delivering pizza for the popular chain restaurant company would be an ideal choice and investment, especially as Nuro’s robots are electric and meant to deliver goods to those who need them. The delivery using the self-driving robot would be under the prepaid service from Domino’s application or website, and would only arrive on location for delivery and pick-up.

Domino’s Pizza Self-Driving Delivery Robot from Nuro Robotics

According to a press release from Domino’s Pizza (via

PR News Wire

), the robot was launched earlier today and is only one prototype that rolls off the company’s branch located at 3209 Woodland Avenue, Houston, Texas. The robot is in the Woodland Heights region of the area and would be servicing the deliveries nearby or in proximity.

(Photo : Domino’s Pizza )

The Nuro Robotics’s R2 self-driving robot

made for Domino’s Pizza

orders is only one-of-its-kind, and would still be accompanied by the pizza chain’s delivery personnel for other modes of payment and if the bot is already out. The company aims to change its fleet in the long run, and the partnership with Nuro in today’s release is only the start of it.

The autonomous robot from Nuro was already

approved for the road

by the US Department of Tourism (USDOT), and it is safe to say that it would stay on and continue delivering for Domino’s from here on out. The single robot would be a “market study” says Domino’s, as it would aim to optimize the robot’s service to respond well to customers soon.

How to Order and See the Self-Driving Pizza Bot?

There is only one way to encounter the robot and see for one’s self how it works, and that is by living or staying near the Woodland Heights area in Houston and ordering via the prepaid online service from Domino’s Pizza. This means that it requires a connected online payment method, and cash orders cannot be a part of this as the R2 would only drop off.

Upon order, users would get a unique code from Domino’s Pizza via the app or text, and it would be used to input on the robot’s keypad on its side. After entering one’s code, it would open and reveal the bought products from Domino’s Pizza, where customers would take it and be on their way.

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